Apparently I need to create a custom RSS feed for Featured Updates

Because the way I release Curveball is ass-backwards compared to every other web serial out there, I'm thinking I need to create a custom RSS feed specifically for WFG.

Here's what happens: I release monthly, but I still break everything up into 5-6 chunks (cover/toc, and then into 4 or 5 parts, on average). And because the last part of the issue is the last thing on the RSS feed, that's what the WFG feed reader picks up on when it comes to adding it to the "Featured Updates" section. So today it shows "Curveball - The Drums of War: Part Five" as the most recent update, which is technically true, but it would be better if the RSS mechanism was picking up on the "cover" which would lead the reader to all five parts.

I can create a custom rss feed that just shows the "covers" on my end. Does anyone know how difficult it would be to get WFG to use it instead of the feed now? I could go in and update the RSS link in my Curveball submission, but I wasn't sure if that's what WFG used for that part of it.



Yes, the rss link in your submission is what the tracker runs off of.

Heh. I approve of your enthusiasm. :D

You did an excellent job of reviewing and bring up to date a bunch of threads... Im expecting the next 4 issues to each largely be about one thread, tying them together for the number 24 volume ender?

24 is gonna be another double-sized issue, and my plan is to put a Big Damn Fight in it. Er, excuse my French.

I do almost this exact same ass backwards thing but I do it twice a month, so it's good you brought this up! I'd better get to fixing this myself too if I ever make the Featured Updates thingy (I am not sure how that works).