Approval Time?


So I submitted my serial, Outliers, for approval about two and a half months ago, and from reading some of the threads, it seemed like it slipped under the radar a little. Sorry to be a bother, but should I resubmit, or just wait?

If the submission isn't pending anymore, it might have been rejected. Did you fulfill all of the criteria that are outlined on the submissions page?

It's still in the queue. There were a bunch of submissions at one point, and I think Chris is still catching up. If it had been rejected, you'd know. Chris emails people and tells them why.

Normally I'd agree with Monsieur Zoetewey, but in the Backlog Status thread, Chris said the front of the queue (which I'm assuming means the oldest submission?) was from July 28. I'm assuming Outliers was submitted before then? Knifleman you might want to check your spam folder just to make sure Chris didn't send you an email that you missed.

That said, Chris'll probably see this thread and tell us what's what.

I can't speak to when you submitted it, but the date attached to the submission is 8/28. As such, Chris isn't up to it yet. I'm guessing you resubmitted it more than once already, setting the submission date to your resubmission date, effectively moving it further from being looked at each time.

That'd explain it!

This reminds me, though. Would it be possible to mention on the submissions page that resubmitting moves the entry to the back of the queue? This can't be the first time that's confused someone, and I don't see any info on it, other than in the forums. (I could also not be looking in the right place.)

Oh, right, that explains it! All is good then. You only need to wait a bit longer :)

Oh, brilliant. I think I edited the submission a while after submitting it, so that must be the date that it has in the log, as opposed to the original creation.

Thanks a bunch!

As for the backlog, I fell (a long way) behind due to work work and then a vacation. I'm working on catching up, but other things continue to interfere. I'll try to get through a dozen of them by Monday.

Good luck.

Someone said there was a specific method to get banners added for the TWF side of things, does anyone know where that was? Somewhere in these forums? I tried looking one day but came up derp.

I appreciate everything you put into this site, Chris. And I appreciate your desire to get the queue back on track. But I worry that reviewing a dozen serials might flood the system. I myself have been slow to review recently, but the best chance a new serial has to get a review from me (or anyone, I think) is when it's on the "New Listings" section of the homepage. Would it maybe be better to do a couple a day -- or maybe even five or six a week? Slightly escalate how quickly the serials get put into the system, instead of throwing a bunch up at once? Just a thought.