Apri Fool's Swap?

We're doing it again this year, right? I'm absolutely not taking responsibility for it. I just haven't heard from Hollins for a while and wanted to make sure we were talking about it. It's a couple months away, but if I remember there's a lot of lead time, so I just don't want it to catch us by surprise and end up with nothing happening.

Cause that was, like, the best thing. Right? It's my favorite web serial-y event of the year.

Does anyone know how to contact Hollins so that we can beg him to organize it again?

I'm not familiar with this event, somebody mind splain'n?

It's where you write an update for someone else's serial and try to make it a good April Fool's joke on the reader. Here are some examples from last year: http://forums.webfictionguide.com/topic/2015-april-fools-master-list

The person who organized it last year must have left some way to contact them (email address?) in the old thread, right?

Jim rang my bell on facebook! (Alexander hollins or The leaking pen alexander hollins, if anyone wants to hunt my fat ass down in the future).

Allllllllrighty then. If you all want an april fools swap, lets have one!


Please sign up with the above link. I will be giving out the first run of swaps on feb 15th, asking for stories in for proofing and giving out to their swappers by march 20th. That will give time to get spares up and running for anyone that finds themselves unable to complete.

This has been a blast every year, and I hope for more! And please, share it with any serial writer you know, even if not associated with us.

*pumps fist in the air for three solid minutes*

Hell yeah. Good to see you're still alive, Hollins.

Yes! The Hollins strikes back! Good to see you're still around. :)

I wish I had the time for a swap. :( But with my books getting released in Spring, I know I'll be horribly busy in March.

I'd love too, but I'm afraid my writing skills aren't quite up to par with the rest of you guys and it would probably end up being a bit like drawing a dick on a famous peice of artwork. Sloppy, unnecessary and brings the quality down. Next year I might be able too.

DENIED! You do not get to cop out for lack of skill. A. the vast majority of the swappers every time have been newbies. Hell, the first time we did it, 90 percent had been doing serials for a few months tops.

B. Part of the purpose of this community and events like this is to help each other grow and get better. You'd be amazed how much working to understand and write another person's characters help you develop and write your own.

So if you don't have the time, or just don't want to, fine. But no copping out for not being good enough!

I completed the form, and am excited to participate. :)

So if we're not only allowed, but encouraged to join if we suck, count me in! :p

Shit, I can't turn down Hollins. I'm in.

How do we join?

I went ahead and signed up! I'm really excited about this! It sounds like so much fun.

Just joined!

Ha ha ha, I keep wanting to do this, but it always turns up at the worst time for me. Next year I will try to do better!

I'm so happy that you guys are keeping this going. Can't wait to see what you all come up with. :D Good luck!

Hey, I've changed the address of my site. Will I need to resubmit my application or is this notice enough? See sig for new address.

Question for all of you! How close to April 1st is fair game for a serial plot that's only starting?

See, I knew this would happen... "Time & Tied" is 47 parts, so at one part per week, starting after the last "April Fool", that means I'll finish 5 weeks before the next one, i.e.- Can't submit T&T this year. My plan is to return to "Epsilon Project" (I need more editing time on T&T parts 48-96), but since the Epsilon universe is voting based, and hence would launch MARCH 6TH, that seems a bit unfair, to expect someone to write something in under a month based on only a couple weeks' worth of material. Granted, Alice will be back (she hinges all my Epsilon stories together) and Alison will be back (I miss my depressive teleporter character), but the rest I won't know until end of February. What do you all think? Fair/Unfair?

Oh, and for the record, the "April Fools" is a good project to get into. I *still* haven't beaten my view hits for April 1st 2015. Also, someone came to my site from the last "April Fools" thread here, late last December, and kicked around my site for a while, giving me 20 views I wouldn't have had otherwise. That's pretty good staying power.

Zoidberg, see my first comment on this post, theres a link there to a survey.

shaeor, I got it!

Mathtans, You could always put it up and couch it as bonus material. Cut scene, alternate ending, depending on what the person does with it. And glad to hear it helped your numbers! Did you see a lasting trend after that? or did it fade out pretty quickly?

Kess, see what I said to mathtans. You could put up what a person writes for you as a bonus side chapter.