April Fools Day!

Ok, I know it's not quite time for the rest of the world (but that's ok, since it may give you time to whip something up). Who's doing something for April Fools? Phony book annoucement? Misleading chapter? Random piece of crack!fic? Introduction of a completely out of place character for no reason?

I did a phony book annoucement this year, which kind of used Kill Bill as inspiration, and mutilated my canon. Many lols were had by all.

Now I just have to figure a way to top it for next year. :P

I pondered this, but ... not this year. I just don't have the time.

Especially because, to my amusement, my publishing schedule for Black Hat Magick actually has a chapter come out tomorrow it would be perfect. I'll just have to wait another year to properly set up something to poke fun at my wonderful readers. When it comes to April Fools, I certainly do enjoy a laugh at my own expense.

AdWords is giving me a dollar a click.


Back when I was an active play-by-email RolePlayer (co-ran 3 groups, participated in others), I did an April Fool's joke email to all my groups, announcing to all that I had to suddenly quit for IRL reasons and parceling out my chars to other players. Caused a couple of near heart-attacks with that one ;-)

Alas, I didn't think about it far enough ahead of time to write anything. Which is too bad, because I just got a great idea for a crossover April Fool's fic between "Strong Heart" and "Addergoole"... all well. Next year ;-)

Eh, I twittered a supposed bonus chapter that was a link to the RickRoll video. My joke is that it's 2007. ;)

Update: I've spotted at least two weblit posts - Space & Time by sharontherose and Philosopher in Arms by Karen Wehrstein - today that I'm pretty sure are April Fool's jokes. We'll see if I'm right tomorrow.

I posted a fake Chapter 39 for Peacock King that um... was kind of mean, since it made readers think something awesome had happened that totally didn't. I made it sound real until the very last word.

It was a fun prank to pull (the outrage was DELICIOUS), but I think next year I'll do something that pulls more laughs in.

I posted something crackalicious and non-canon but not particularly joke-y. I think last year's probably caught more people, but, then again, I had a lot less readers last year at this point.