April Fools Swap 2018

Alright, the official sign up thread for April Fools 2018! For those that don't know, serial writers sign up, I assign you each another serial, and you write a non canon joke post for them to put up on April fools day.

Please sign up here https://goo.gl/forms/bZjh1H3e3ZEzJBOi1 and please! Tell all your serial writer friends. The more the merrier!

For more information and a list of the WFG forum posts of previous years, please check out the information page at S.N.A.G. headquarters, The Leaking Pen. http://www.theleakingpen.com/?p=74

I just shared this on Royal Road and Goodreads. If you're active on either of those sites, feel free to chime in and encourage people to participate.



EDIT: And also Epiguide:


Also, The Serial Fiction Digest group on Facebook.

Thank you Jim. I haven't been as active on goodreads as I want, is there a lot of serial discussion there?

And Royal Roads, I admit to only reading two serials there, one is a personal friends, and one is... a really horrible dirty guilty pleasure that I feel ashamed for reading and enjoying. I didn't even think of posting on the main site. Excellent idea!

Looking forward to this! Last year was a lot of fun :D

For spreading it, maybe try your hand here: https://www.reddit.com/r/writing/ I do see a lot of serial writers in the Off-Topic Discussion and Self-Promotion section. Or maybe ask if Tuesday Serial would be willing to post a notice? They are pretty amicable.

thank you Rev , I was trying to remember the name of the account that posted serials on Tuesday. total, wheres my glasses while wearing them moment.

@Alex: There's not nearly enough discussion on Goodreads, but the forum is used.

Jim, gotcha! thanks for those, and the epiguide post too!

I did make a post on a reddit thread, https://www.reddit.com/r/writing/comments/7wh1x4/check_in_offtopic_discussion_and_selfpromotion/ , if anyone would be cool enough to hunt it down and upvote.


Posted another mention here: https://www.reddit.com/r/writing/comments/7y2cnx/check_in_offtopic_discussion_and_selfpromotion/ as that thread is cleared away every Friday. I can try and keep an eye on it for the next couple of weeks to be sure that there is always a fresh post for it.

i didnt know that, but I like that they clean it up!

I have two new ones. and 5 total... sigh. social media blitz!

I hope more sign up, went ahead and did the reddit post once more: https://www.reddit.com/r/writing/comments/7zryf8/check_in_offtopic_discussion_and_selfpromotion/

Fingers crossed that more participate :D

I just got the perfect idea. Sign me up.


typist, http://www.theleakingpen.com/?p=74

and everyone else, I will have the assignments out tonight or tommorow, but Im hoping for some last minute signups. please hit any serials you read up with the link, see if we can get some more authors interested. Thanks!

assignments sent out. only 6 this year. I will start advertising/shilling for it sooner next year. I also really want to do an october one, so...


Typist Kid hooked me up, and I sent mine off to the Legion. Hope everyone else is getting on

Hmm, I thought it was gonna be a surprise. That is, who got who.

well, it usually is, but I guess amongst the writers there's not really a rule against it.

Ah. That makes sense.