April Fools Swap 2019

anyone interested?

Possibly, since I have a new serial that's currently updating. Don't know for sure, though. I'll have to look into how busy I'm going to be in March.


I'm interested! How does it work? Is it an outright spoof of whoever we're swapping with's story, or do we try to write it as convincingly as we can? Do we need to know very much about the story we're swapping?

I'll put together a new page and thread then, and we can try and drum up some volunteers. Adam, generally the idea is to play it pretty straight until a twist end.

its too late to really get it going, and I'm way out of the loop. if someone else wants to, go for it, but I think I'll take a hiatus this year and push early next year.

What exactly is that?

Sunflower, the way it works is, we get a list of interested serial novel authors, and I assign each one another serial. Everyone writes a jokey update, usually with a dumb fan servicey twist ending. Then, on april first, everyone posts the joke as if it was a real update, with an explanation at the end, a link to the person who wrote their update, and a link to the update they wrote for someone else.

Ah....... i dont feel confident enough to try that yet. thanks for the info.