April Fools Swap 2020

So, 2019 didn't happen. I am getting interested parties involved sooner! For those that are unaware, the april fools day swap is a long running WFG / TWF forums thing. Basically, we take a pool of serial writers, and assign them each another serial. Everyone writes a fake update for their partner serial. On april fools, everyone posts their fake, and then has a message at the end informing everyone of the joke, and linking to the person who wrote their fake update, as well as linking to the fake update they wrote. It basically forms a short term webring (anyone remember those?) and is a lot of fun, a chance to stretch your writing chops, and hopefully a bit of audience sharing to increase everyone's traffic.

Is anyone interested this year?

Hmmmm possibly, but I'm not sure how well I could do someones else story if I haven't read it and well.... if it is a really long-running series it could be hard to read it all in the time and keep up with mine.

I really like that idea and would be completely down, but I also have the same concerns as sunflower. But with how early you're getting this setup, I think I could get a pretty good handle on what I'd have to write, especially if we can all agree it doesn't necessarily have to progress the story. Making a funny filler chapter would be easy even for people that don't know much about the serial they're making the chapter for.

Absolutely, the intention is not to read the entire backlog and advance the story. generally reading the last month is enough, and often the writers and hosts will get together and the host will give the writer a bit of foreknowledge of things coming up, so that the joke post works nicely. Lots of fun shenaningans, characters dying, coming back to life, total soap opera twists, fan service to headcanon.

okay, sign up sheet is here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScRZ8HCMUpwB4t0I02ZIc3FaVqIzfKRsBgdKRwl_eujtudAbQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

And more information at http://www.theleakingpen.com/?p=87

And please, feel free to share the links and idea with any serial author you think might be interested, or on any group message board with serial authors that you participate in. Thanks!

sounds good. Thanks for getting this set up!

my pleasure! I still feel bad for missing last year.

ah, it's no big deal. It's great that you're doing this in the first place!

So, first matches went out, but if anyone else signs up, second matches will go out on the first.

soo....who played this year?

I had fun writing for my target. I was worried id get something I couldn't get into but that wasn't the case.