April Fools

Hey all! I've had an idea, sparked in part by Tartra and Stormy conspiring to guest write their bold voices in some crossover oddness, to bring back an old favorite. APRIL FOOLS!

We've done it in years past, back when I had a live serial of my own. :lays a flower at the graves, drips Resurrection serum over the gravestone: Basically, a bunch of authors sign up, get assigned one of the other authors. You write an april fools (not cannon) update for them. On april 1, everyone posts the april fool they were sent, and links back to WFG and to the person that wrote their april fool, as well as the april fool they wrote themselves. Its good fun, and has often helped an AWESOME spike in readers, sharing around the different links, and getting people to read serials they haven't read before. I would be more than willing to officiate!

Who's in?

That sounds fun. Count me in. Syphax and me were discussing a collaboration of sorts, I have a feeling he might be interested as well.

I'd do that.

This sounds fun

I wanna do it!!! That sounds really fun. Is it supposed to be serious or ridiculous or what? 'Cause I don't want to do it wrong...

Oooh, sounds fun. I'll do it.

Ooh, that could be neat.

Ooh, I'd like to do that.

All righty then! if you want in, send an email to alexander.hollins at the wonderful mail of G with the subject April Fools Serial novel, including a link to your serial so i can keep you mugs straight. I figure we can run sign ups fora couple weeks. Feel free to spread the idea around to other serial forums and writers you know as well. I;'ll make a final call sometime around the 20th, then randomly pair up people and serials.

The idea is to write a story that at first glance could be taken for a serious update, but seems wrong somehow. Do some old body swapping, or add a new weird character, have characters act wrong, something to make it a joke where people read going, WTF!? then at the end, the surprise is sprung, a link is given back to the author of the joke post, to the joke post the normal serial author made, and to a page , probably a new topic here a the forum, listing all the pairings. Generally we ask that you keep in rating, no explicit sex on a serial that was pg up to that point, but other than that, fire away. Generally they are considered non cannon, but I totally loved some things that the person who drew me for Phoenix 2125 did last time, made it cannon, and puttheir character in as a side character.

email sent! :)

Heh. The 1st of April is going to be a Wednesday... that's when I do bonus updates. That's just purrfect.

I'm down for this. Sounds fun!

Me too (and nice to see Drew here for the first time that I remember...).

I'd be down, but I'm actually just finishing up my old serial (just bonus chapters, now) and starting a new one. I'm thinking about beginning to post the new one on January 14th, or possibly the 21st. Would that be okay, or would that make the new serial too new?

If you're planning on a similar update schedule with the new serial as KSG then you should have plenty of material by April

since you're going from one serial to another, I think you should be good. or, you could ask them to couch it as a bonus chapter, depends which one you want to pimp to new readers more.

I'd like to join. :) Any suggestions on the word count for the posts we should be writing? I know the authors on here vary so much on their update length so it would be nice to have a baseline.

Long enough for the readers to think it's a normal update before things go sideways ^_^

A question for those who have done it: is it difficult? Sounds like you have to keep up with the serial, even if it's one you haven't read.

It would be hard to impossible to write an update for something you haven't read, I guess reading something you haven't tried before is part of the intended fun. :)

I'd suggest we get to choose the partner serial, though. Not everyone is comfortable with every genre.