Art Imitating Life: Work situations in your writing?

Random thought as many of us plug away at NaNo or the writing we already do all the time.

Anything ever happen to you on the job where you think.... I need to put this in a story? Did you?

Nah, that's what Help Desk was for.

Work? Rarely. But I have put events I lived through in my stories on more than one occasion.

Work, not really. A personal experience in my life will make it into a story. I think I spend too much time trying to forget about a lot of work related events for me to do it. Unless, it's something extraordinary or I want to write something about a woman working retail.

Generally humorous situations that occur make me want to put them into my stories. Not usually work-related.

That's an interesting question. I don't do that, which is odd I guess since I write what is basically a workplace comedy.

Well, I never think it, but people at my job tell me I should write a book about our job.

When I was first writing the story I am doing now, I totally intended on doing just that to help ground parts of it - but then I realized that aside from not helping the story much it depressed me and took a lot of it out, haha.

A guy who used to work at the place that I do now did, actually, write a whole bunch of workplace screenplays based on daily work events/how ridiculous the people I work with are, and its hilarious to read now.