I'm getting some art done for a game I'm designing, based on my serial, and I just got my first completed piece back today. I loooove it! Click Me!

I'm almost certain there's a group I'm not naming here who are going to associate that with someone they don't like in what could be a negative meme. And that's all I'll say about them.

Hopefully it's just my pessimism acting up, because otherwise it looks nice. Except the eyes seem off to me. But, hey, I'm more of a Bosch or Giger person. Eyes are somewhat optional.

I think it's awesome! Very nice :D

Who is she in the story? (sorry, I haven't read beyond book 1 - would I recognize the character?)

Nice art. I clicked the tag and saw your other piece too. Character definitely shows.

What's the best place to get art like this done? I have been struggling to find a place that is affordable yet good quality.

@Fiona - Screen, she's one of the Techs, Stef talk to her briefly in book #1.

@J.E. - Check out deviantArt - this piece was in the $75-125 range; if you check my Art Feature tag, you can see cheaper busts I've been getting (example: - these are about $10.

This is from my game design blog series, but there's some hints here as well:

And now, art of the main character! Click Me!

Wow - I really, really like this art!