Articles on Foreshadowing

Hello everyone.

I'm trying to find articles on the web on Foreshadowing. All I found was Wikipedia's article on the technique. I was wondering if anybody here knows a couple of spots that have articles about it. It'll be a big help.

Thanks in advance.

Not an article, and I don't want to disrupt your request (if I find an article, I will certainly pass it along!), but one thing I've discovered that helps a lot in on-the-go serial writing: Create hooks for which you have absolutely no current plans. Example: In The Last Skull, I had Sue find one of the potions are missing in her bunker. I have no idea why. I still don't. But it will be relevant later.

I keep a notepad file with all the various 'hooks' I've seeded (either on purpose or accident) which work as foreshadowing. As I go, I start discovering purposes to use those hooks towards. The trick about this is--you want to make sure you use them, because if you don't, it looks sloppy and a good reader can instantly recognize what you've done (and you lose credibility).

Well, it isn't an online article, but Rust Hills' book Writing in General and the Short Story in Particular discusses foreshadowing, among other things. Lots of people find it very helpful; I haven't read the whole thing yet but there's some interesting stuff in there. It's well-regarded and not hard to find; you can get cheap copies online from the usual sources or try a library.