Artist commissions with Artcorgi

Alright, I promised Artcorgi I'd help promote them if my commission turns out great, and it did! I know there's a lot of people (not only writers) out there who really want to hire an artist, but don't know where or how. There's also often the concern of not wanting to pay in advance in case the artist just stops responding.

Which is why Artcorgi is awesome:

The payment you make is held in limbo until the artist finishes the piece, and you'll get a refund if you're not happy. Their customer service has always responded within a couple of hours and is super sweet and supportive. You'll also get to see a draft of the work before it is complete, and be able to request changes.

The prices are pretty affordable overall, many styles are under 100$.

My site banner was created by Railgunner, and she's wonderful. Even asked for feedback twice, instead of only once, which would have been the standard procedure.

Anyway, if you're interested in commissions, check out Artcorgi!

It looks like a neat service but the copyright terms stress that your royalty free use of the product is limited to personal use only. I think webfic is a gray area, with some being decidedly less gray than others.

They knew exactly, right from start, that I'd be using the banner for a web serial. It's no problem.

They're even going to feature the artwork on their blog, and are okay with the possibility of that blog entry creating more traffic for my serial.

They're extremely supportive.

The copyright terms thing turned me off the idea. The site is cute, and it works for private stuff, but I think it needs better small-commercial support (indie authors, small businesses etc) and then it would be perfect.

It's not just for personal use. I wouldn't know about print publication covers or ebooks, but using their art for donation based web fiction is really okay. I doubt they'd interview me for their blog if it wasn't.

If in doubt, ask - their customer service is very quick, there's even a phone assistance number.

looking at the terms, artcorgi states that you get those terms automatically, and that any other terms would have to be agreed on with the artist. So I would suggest a rights assignment form, ask the artist to sign it, making sure they know that it means you're using it commercially, and maybe offer a bit more than they ask normally to do so? Nothing in the artcorgi terms prevent you from doing that, they seem to actually be suggesting it.