My idea for this topic is mainly to give a place for recommendations of artists who have done artwork for your writing. I'm mainly thinking of artists that other writers might be able to contact about commissioned artwork. Who have you used? Was the experience good?

I just recently commissioned a cover for Alisiyad from Alice Fox. I had a really good experience, she was very quick to get back to me and willing to discuss my vision for the composition and the characters and make changes to the design. Her rates were very reasonable as well.

Ooooh...that cover is pretty...

I've commissioned a couple of pieces from - one for Nat's SV (part of which is in his banner image) and one for a serial project I've since put on the backburner. A pleasure to work with.

Well, I can recommend Ed Heil He's done illustrations for indie role-playing games, a webcomic or two, and stuff I'm unaware of.

I can't speak for his prices because I've known him since first grade and thus have the option of begging/pleading/threatening him into giving me free art. I'm also not above pulling particularly good pieces out of his wastebasket (though I don't recommend this to others).

It would take me way too long to go through every artist that I have worked with for stories. Vexations in particular has seen more than a dozen artists. So, in order to give them their due, I created a forum for the particular purpose of holding their vital stats:

Btw, srsuleski, Alice Fox's artwork is gorgeous and so is that cover.

For writing-related art such as covers, I stick pretty much exclusively to my good friend Jan Pospisil, who among other things created this little beauty of a cover for Empathy, the first book of Street.

He's done a deal of freelance work and paints medieval/gritty fantasy stuff better than anyone. He'll take commissions if the price is right.