At it again :3

Hey everyone :D

So after a long redevelopment period fluffyseme is finally back and dramatically different than before ^.^ Basically we're using analytical data to provide writers with the in-depth reader feedback they need to polish manuscripts in the editing process. We started out by taking the concept of "likes" from Facebook and building it out so that readers could provide feedback to writers without having to think of a comment, without having to stop reading, and without having to worry about backlash. In practice this means breaking manuscripts down scene by scene, collecting data on each scene, and then aggregate that data so that writers can see how readers are reacting in general, but also drill down to each individual part of a story and identify problem areas.

We track engagement levels, web traffic, and a variety of proven readability statistical relationships. The platform can point out sentences that might be run-ons, highlight passages that are too verbose, and track how often you use "crutch" words. We're slowly rolling out demographics so that writers will be able to see data on the gender, age group, and income level of their readers as well as their book-buying habits and what other books they like.

For us it's all about using tech to help writers (and eventually publishers) make informed decisions about how a novel is handled, packaged, marketed, etc.

Probably the best way to understand what we're doing is to see it in action. So here are a few links: <-- Just put up a story directory so that people not involved in the beta directly can look at/ play with the interface <-- Our official blog. I like giving people a behind the scenes look at what we're developing. <--- A little video showing off some of our more complicated statistical functions XD

We're still in beta, but we're always looking for writers to try it out and tell us what could be better. So if you'd like an invite, just @ me on Twitter @Isakft ^.^

Wow, that's pretty fascinating! I wish the fluffyseme home page had an about, though, so I could figure out who you are and what you publish. o_O

Yeah... funny story about that. After you posted this comment I decided to do an A/B test. Current "mysterious" home page versus home page with more info (you can see both at just reload a few times).

So far the mysterious page is absolutely kicking the other's ass O.o LOL yeah... so I don't really know what to say about this. I like the version that give more information better, but it just doesn't do as well :(

Isa, have a single button to go to the more info button.

but, kicking the others ass in what way?

What I meant was that the simple low info page was performing better than the more detailed page: people stayed longer, went to more of the places we wanted them to on the site, etc. But we've since redone the test with another prettier splash page that came up even ... so we'll be using that going forward.