Atlas Shrugged

Just a question about the book/movie Atlas Shrugged: where does the first movie end? Not in events, just what chapter does it end at? I would like to see the movies as I read the book, but I don't like watching movies when I haven't read the book/up to that point in the book. Also, if you could tell me that information about Part II, that would be helpful...

I wish I could tell you! But I haven't seen the movie. The moment I saw they'd set it in modern day I lost my interest. -_-

I heard that its more or less the same as the book. And anyway, it might make it more relatable.

I've always thought they should make a cyberpunk 1984 movie.

As far as cyberpunk books that need a movie, I want a Snow Crash movie.

Well, Paramount signed director Joe Cornish for it. That doesn't mean it'll happen soon, but it's happening.

I forgot that I was going to do this, but I watched Atlas Shrugged Part I, and I was going to share my thoughts.

It sucked.

The movie was plagued with problems. For starters, it was extremely low-budget. You can't make a book longer than the bible with the budget of Paranormal Activity.

Another problem: the characters. Not only was the acting pretty bad, which I could live with (although Orange is the New Black's Piper wasn't a terrible Dagny), but they completely changed the characters. Hank, instead of at least sort-of respecting Dagny, thinks she's stupid (she has a degree in engineering, and he decides it's a good idea to explain what a cooling system is), and finds her to be useful for nothing other than a living (pardon my language) fuck toy. Dagny tries to prostitute herself to D'anconia, when in the book, I'm pretty sure she says that's the one thing she wouldn't do. D'anconia, on the other hand, instead of telling her that he doesn't want her to beg, tells her, quite meanly, I should say, "you don't know how to beg".

Also, the fact that the movie was in modern times would have been fine; it worked, it didn't break the plot, basically, it made it so the cars looked modern and they had remote controlled blinds and cell phones. However, the way they did it didn't make sense. They made it take place in 2016, where, apparently, nobody will be able to afford gas since it will be $35 USD per gallon. No.

Also, they took out any anticipation you had for anything. The engine is found by some workers Rearden sent out to the place, instead of it being discovered by Dagny having a spur-of-the-moment idea to go to the factory. They literally ruin the entire middle section of the book by telling you, at the end of part 1, who John Galt is. They cut the entire vacation section out.

But the worst part is the length. The first part of the book was around 375 pages, with the pages being a bit long themselves. The movie was 90 minutes. That's not enough time. It should have been at least 2 hr. 30 min. Then, they could have fit in the part about the dude standing outside her office that night, the scene with the cigarette collector that originally gives significance to the cigarette with the dollar sign, and all the other stuff that was important that didn't seem important at first.

All in all, it's a pretty bad movie, that could have been saved by a larger budget. If you watch it, which I don't recommend, please remember that it had almost no budget.

I was going to avoid it just for using yellowface, but now it sounds like there's a bunch more reasons not to watch the thing. Good to know.