Attempting a little NaNoWriMo crowdfunding experiment

Posting here because people might be interested. It'll work or it won't only one way to find out.

Details of my experiment here


I might be crazy, but I can't seem to click on the link...

I can't either. So at least we can be crazy together.

Is there some bedlam we can all join?

Okay, here's the code:

<p><a>Details of my experiment here</a></p>.

There doesn't seem to be a web address... or even the href thingy (yes, that's how I refer to HTML stuff: thingys). Like this: STUFFITY STUFF. So, Shutsumon, you didn't put in the code correctly. Now, I checked your website, and found this thingy about a crowdsourced NaNoWriMo. Could that be it?

Hmmm... I definitely put the code in ... and your link doesn't seem to be working either.

Very odd.

Tries again. This is what I've typed for the link <a href="">Try this link </a> if that doesn't work I have no idea what the issue is.

Try this link if that doesn't work

Yeah, it worked this time, but mine worked a few minutes ago, too, so... I don't know. The code you typed is correct, so if that link stops working, then we'll know it's something else.

Fixed the original link for you.

Now that the link discussion is done...

Good luck with the experiment. Are you going to be posting teases to encourage people to sign up throughout the month?