Audio Story

This is my first attempt at an audio recording. I know I need better equipment and a lot of practice, but I figured I'd throw this out there anyway. It's a reading of my "Sustra and the Machine" flash-story on my blog.


Or don't.


Podcasts are kind of a thing nowadays. If you find you like doing these stories, perhaps you should consider them. I'm not entirely sure how someone gets set up on doing them, but I do know you can find several good ones on Stitcher, Audioboom, Podbay, and iTunes.

I've gone through several myself. Some tell an ongoing story, like Limetown, King Falls AM, Terms, The Box, or Homecoming. Others are different stories read by different people, like Pseudopod, Escape Pod, NoSleep Podcast, and The Truth. I don't tend to be a fan of the second, but it's something to consider.

Been meaning to listen to this for a few days and glad I did. You have a good voice for narration and the sound quality sounds fine. Maybe room to add a bit more expression in your voice as you get more comfortable (although you didn't sound nervous at all, great job). I liked the story; it was very atmospheric, the sand whirling among the ancient ruins.

Um, why the skunk? Even a generic picture of a desert would be better!

Just listened to the Bee one. Great reading, now you've got the expression. Even better, you've got a picture of a bee!

One quibble, referring to the bee's eyes as simple; insects' eyes are very complex.

Thank you for the comments! :)

@PG - Actually, I do want to do some podcasting as well, I'm just not sure what subjects to cover. I'm also still a complete mess for unscripted, conversational talk (see the MothFlip commentary). For now I'm focusing on story reading, and I figure I'll just throw in a random podcast or ramble here or there once I get better with speaking. I follow a few podcasts on YouTube, so that seems as good a place to start as any, though if this becomes a thing, I'll probably post elsewhere as well.

@Fiona - Thanks! :D I'm trying to work on the expressiveness and attempting to vary my voice for dialogue (when I get to it). Good point about the bee-eyes. Whoops. The skunk picture is a bit of a personal in-joke. Sustra was originally a wereskunk (sort of). I think I left it out of this little piece for efficiency's sake. Not sure if I'll stick with the skunk thing, or just have her be a human with skunk-stripe hair from now on. :P I should probably get better pictures for these anyway, though. >_>

There are lots of different sorts of podcasts. Just audio versions of the stories would work, whether narrated or dramatized. Not necessarily a reason to do a talk show. I recently stumbled on one that looks like it's all about readings of stories like "Pride and Prejudice" and "From the Mountains of Madness," and a Tarzan book.

Hmm, guess I had "audio story" and "podcast" as separate things in my mind. Podcast has always been "talk show" in my experience. I'd like to do both, basically, but I'll probably get more mileage out of narration at this point.

Just a few audio story-style podcasts for your listening pleasure:

Can I keep posting updates here, or would that be considered spamming? One more simple thing for now.