Aural Ambiance

Does anyone else find that certain selections of music greatly help with the flow of creative juices? Do certain songs help you write? Do those songs change based on which scene you happen to be writing? Personally I find action scenes are always easier to write if I'm listening to epic soundtracks like Rockhouse Jail or the Gladiator. Special mention goes out to Andrew WK's "The End Of Our Lives"

I've found Mozart's Divertimenti (I can't vouch for my spelling of it) to be magical for the writing process. It's good enough to inspire you, yet not so much so that it distracts you.

really anything instrumental will work. Chariots Of Fire Soundtrack, Vanessa Mae, Bloody Tears instrumental from Castlevania, Canon in D as performed by Funtwo....etc

Music is such an influential part of my story that I actually have a soundtrack section and a youtube channel. Every Wednesday a new song goes up that was used to help me write the chapter, along with original artwork accompanying the piece.

My readers really love it, and I now have many emailing song requests each week. They've made it pretty easy to find new material to listen to.

Music is definitely one of my main motivators when I write. I would suggest checking out 'Two Steps from Hell' and 'Audiomachine'.

Personally, I just listen to my Pandora channel,, or whatever happens to be on my ipod. In all three cases, I basically get a random selection of all the music I like.

For me, music mostly ends up being in the background and not especially influential except that it helps me block out the background noise and get into a mental state that's useful for writing. The key point is that it's something that won't attract my attention, making familiar music ideal.

I've gone so far as to base stories around the lyrics of songs. Specifically, Jet's 'Seventeen', and I've been toying with something based on The Wombat's 'Tokyo'. The lyrics just seem to really work: lines like 'I'd walk through walls, would it make you stay?' and 'I'm sick of dancing with the beast,' seem fit in with my setting and characters.

I listen to the radio, generally to whatever is popular, so perhaps I'm a little uncultured in that respect, but I do love a song I can sing along to. Also, I'm rather fond of musicals, because it brings two things I like (music and storytelling) together.

On the topic of musicals: I'll tell you a secret, sometimes I pretend my characters are performing the music video to my fav songs.