Austin 3:16 Says "I'm Absolutely For Same-Sex Marriage"

I understand that it is perhaps wrong to get a little too political over here. I also understand the frustration of some people that something like gay marriage has to be a political thing that people take sides on. I also understand that this forum is not my personal plaything...for some reason. If this becomes too problematic a post, then the Powers That Be, preferably the golden looking ones from Angel, can feel free to remove it.

But I've been having a few days where I really needed to feel like humanity wasn't deserving of a fiery cataclysm the likes of which would make Cthulhu cry. In other words, I needed something personally to restore my faith in humanity, and now I find I'd like to share the good news.

Then there was this:

*puts on a black outfit and cowboy hat and stops moving his face as he talks* Bah gawd Austin's done it! Austin's done it!

This is an issue that cuts rather close to home for me so, fuck yeah Steve Austin.

I saw that the other day and cheered. Good for him. :)

I have to admit I've never heard of this guy, but good for him! Not that I'm certain gay marriage should be so central to LGBT politics (when compared to more day to day issues such as discrimination getting jobs, treatment of LGBT youths in the education system, etc.) but I'm certainly for it.

This just happened as well.

I wasn't surprised about Stone Cold. Wrestling has always been a tolerant community, as its origin is in traveling carnivals. Pat Patterson, one of the greatest of all time, is openly gay. There's a current wrestler named Darren Young that is gay. I'm sure there are many more, but they don't make it public.