Hey, has anyone checked out HarperCollins online site for webfiction?

I'm slowly exploring the forums and books, and wondered if anyone else has had time to do the same. I even posted No Man an Island as an experiment to see what happens out there. It has an interesting "rating" system (if you can call it that) as it just tracks how many people are "watching" a book, and how many people have included it on their favourite "bookshelf."

if anyone wants to try it out and put me on their bookshelf ;) here's the link:

I have to say I much prefer our online fiction -- where everyone has their own personalized site. These are all just Word files uploaded to the HarperCollins page, and I find it harder to read through and less fulfilling in general. However, all of these are written for traditional publication, which is very different from the web.

I like the theory of Authonomy a lot more than the practice of it. I've been reminded of it now and then since they debuted it and I check it out for a bit, then forget. But I do like that HarperCollins is doing something like that. One gets the feeling that they're paying attention to what's going on in the world of fiction, and that cheers me up.

I joined although I must admit it appears to be absolute chaos!

just joined there too and reading yr book, gsw :)

didn't think a large publisher would start such a thing, but i'm with pd, is certainly good to see :)

the format doesn't really bug me, simple soul that i am. but it's true that it's less fulfilling when reading on the web. parallel could be drawn between comics vs books, i suppose. i like seeing aspects of the author's personality come through in design and layout, but i'm also the type who can find fascination in reading graffiti and ad small print...

Decided to jump on this wagon. ;) <---- Children of the Halo

And I've added your book to my bookshelf, Gavin. ;)

I think the site is a good reality check - there's around 7000 books uploaded at the moment at more being added by the hour. Probably more chance of winning the lottery than being noticed this way. Didn't stop me adding RoYds though :D

My hope is that it'll give writers, who otherwise have no idea, some small inkling of what a slush pile is like (even if Authonomy seems to leave out the truly, utterly, bizarrely awful stuff). So maybe they'll have a little better of an understanding of the world of publishing...while having fun with a contest at the same time.

My other hope is for a cuppa tea and a pony. ;)

Hm. Interesting. And people have actually picked up some following on there alongside. That's definitely appealing. I looked at it early on but was uncertain that it really met any of my interests (since it's too crazy.)

I recently came into contact with a writer on authonomy who has several published books and television series under his belt. He has been voted to the top five of the authonomy ladder twice (with two separate projects).

The first book was rejected by HarpersCollins on the basis that there was no market for science fiction commedy stories - news to me - Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy seemed to do OK. He is still waiting to hear the outcome of the second.

It is nice to meet new people and share experiences but the set up over there is too much "It's all about me!" for my liking.

@Miladysa - I see what you mean about the "all about me!" stuff. Interestingly, even after you mentioned it via Twitter at me and I wandered over...I STILL couldn't get up the ambition to register and do anything there. I dunno, the place just doesn't flip my switches. I'm unsure why.

I still hope the place produces something useful. I ALSO hope that HarperCollins doesn't collapse any further and gets to do something with whatever Authonomy manages.

And as for there being no market for comedy SF...bugger. I have a friend who writes funny pulpy SF novels for Del Rey. I'd best e-mail him and tell him to knock it off. (Announcements like that, when they say "There Is No Market For So And So" always boggle my mind. And on my more bitter days, I grumpily wonder if there is only a market for novels featuring Emo-Vampire-Lovin'. Boy I hope not.)

@Peedee SSSHHHH! Don't tell everyone I tweeted you - they will all want a tweet ;D

Hm. I don't really want to be traditionally published, but it might be worth doing just to expand the ol' audience.