Author vs Title

Hi there! I need a little advise.

For a long time now I'm discussing with myself what the title of my webpage should be... I'm in doubt between the world my major work is set in... (It's a collection of short-stories and longer serialised novella's...), or by my author name. (Jan Oda are my middle names, I liked the sound, but now there is allready an author by that name....)

The problem is that I also want to add book reviews and webfiction reviews to the site, because I still don't know if I'm more of a writer or a reader...

I know I could make a different site for those, but I'd like everything under one hat because that's part of my convertion strategy. (I'm on a mission to convert people to read online).

So what would you guys go for?

I chose my own name '' because I felt that I could have more than one story or novel there.

on blogger i have one profile (name) and different blogs for different categories. so if i had to go for a real, genuine, honest-to-goodness website, i'd go for name... if you can't use your name janoda, maybe try registering on different domain...

Well, I can still do the website (way cheaper for me, since I'm from Belgium...), but maybe I should use something where I use the .be ...

I'll ponder on it some more...

Seconding using your own name. I'm trying to come up with a good collective name for my stories, but I'm falling short. Good domain names are hard to find.

Or you could just do what most bands do: take two completely unrelated words and smash them together for a domain name that people might remember simply because it's weird.

Purple Sunday.

Grassy Cat.

Puzzle Aardvark.

... This is also an excellent party game.

I would tend to go for a general domain name, like your name or something that interests you instead of the specific name of a fiction piece you're working on. Most web hosts will allow you to declare subdomains, which you can then use for different "branches" of your site if you so desire (like or

I also recommend trying to keep your site name simple (no and catchy (Lighthouse's suggestion would probably yield good results, if you decide to go that route). :)

Personally, I started out using a neutral name that I thought I could tell multiple stories under, but then ended up writing only one serial (which continues to the present). I've since bought the domain name for my serial. I'll probably switch over permanently at some point in the future.

Also, you might consider how memorable your name is (if you want to use your name). Personally, my name is rare enough that no one knows how to pronounce it and it's consistently misspelled. Thus, I'm better off going with something people are likely to actually find.

we having a party? :D

I love Purple Sunday :-) Tempted to buy it from you, TL!

I decided on using 'Nomesque Fiction' because, ummm, I've been using 'nomesque' as a username for years, and it seems to be unique in the english-speaking internet. If you google nomesque, the vast majority of results are something of mine. Branding, I guess? And I was having a lot of trouble coming up with something that would describe the various storylines I come out with.

Wait... we're not having a party? So I've been drinking alone this whole time? :)

As for Purple Sunday... it's yours at no charge, Nomesque. This doesn't count the domain name fees and the hosting fees, as well as my finders fee of a million dollars. I am so generous!

Do any of you use your real name?

I'm not really tempted to do that, even though it has a very nice ring to it, but I'm afraid writing historical fiction is beneficial for the believability of scientific archaeological articles. Pfff, scientists can be incredibly stiff...


Janoda - my real name is easily findable. Any PDFs etc that i create for download will include my real name, plus fb group etc is linked to real-life acct. I couldn't be bothered with an alias.

I now see I should have put a not in that sentence somewhere. I once told my thesis promotor that I wanted to write historical novels and he just couldn't stop laughing.

I got the hidden not :)

It is a hard call that each person has to make for themselves. I decided on a 'stuff em all!' approach a long time ago, when it comes to fiction writing. I had to let go of certain possibilities for my future (career in most churches, for example :-) ) to really let loose in my writing. Meh.

I use A real name. It might even be mine. I'll never tell.

I think that a neutral domain name with specific subdomians would be better if you want to put all sorts of stuff up on the site- ordinarily I'd go with the 'make up a nonsensical phrase' naming strategy, since Real-People names aren't always particularly catchy. I mean, I can't honestly say I'd be tempted to go to, or some such. However, if your real name has a catchy ring to it,then it might well work better than a random nonsense name. Janoda is pretty good in itself, actually. It doesn't sound namey.

Of course, since you said your domain would be .be, part of me really wants to suggest:


Incidentally, Nomesque, you shouldn't give up on the possibility of Church so easily. Just say you've repented and they'll let you in. And then it's free bread and wine all the way, and as soon as you become a priest all the people in Church have to do what you say. Arbitrary Commandments! Everyone must wear silver-stockings on Tuesdays! God Demands It!

TL, I also thought there was a party. I brought snacks and a punchbowel and everything...

I've been thinking about or

Only the notto doesn't look very nice...

Any other catchy phrases with .be at the end?

Jan Oda are my middle names, so that's probably why it doesn't sound very namey. Ahhh Decisions Decisions, I'm so very bad at it!

(bit long)

(not very writery, but catchy)

(could be taken as a comment on your writing skill)

Is it wrong that I am extremely drawn to

For whatever it's worth -- I started out titling my writing site "Iridescent Rhinoceri" when I first set it up on LiveJournal. The title is meaningless, catchy, and amusing. But, the majority of my posted writing is serious in nature. So, somehow, it always bugged me that I was posting serious stories under a goofy, whimsical banner name.

When I moved to WordPress I went with because it just seemed more professional. It's just my first and middle initial followed by my last name. My real last name! (le gasp!)