Avatar help

First Post! w00t.

Cool. I don't know how it was to install, but as a user it's really nice to have one login for the forums and the site...

About as much trouble as installing WordPress, actually. bbPress is written by Automattic, also. I missed a little something that cost me about 30 minutes to get the global login working (doh!), and I had to hand-assign permissions for all existing users (role-assigned permissions apparently only work for new users -- but everyone did get the default "Member" role, so it wasn't too bad), but, other than that, it was pretty painless.

Yeah...totally agreed on the global login thing, but, even more so...this set up is pretty...

testing post with signature.

Hmm, testing some more.

Everybody loves a good test... right?

Hey Melly, if you want a picture, you should sign up at gravatar.com

Okay...I've done that. Now what?

Two things: it has to be assigned to the same email address you are using on your account here; and it might take 10 or 20 minutes to show up, once set.

Hmmm. That was interesting. I've never heard of them before. Cool.

I'm signed up with gravatar, but not with this email. I suppose I'll have to go do that, now. I'm surprised though that you can't upload avatars to the forum, I've never seen one that used gravatar before.

I'm not a fan of Gravatar, it's pretty useless. Guess I'll have to go without, eh?



I signed up with this email and it's been a couple hours now...

When you set it up, did you get a popup that asked you to confirm your selection? It seems to associate the first image you upload with your account, but I'm not convinced it does until you actually manually do it and confirm it. Other than that, I don't really know what the problem might be.

Did you upload and then crop a picture, Melly? After you do that, you need to click the picture you want and hit the "confirm" button.

Edit: Chris beat me to it. :p

Actually Melly, if you look at your profile, you're picture is there... though I couldn't tell you why it isn't show up on your posts...

I really like Gravatar - and it's kind of cool that the forum software runs them. :)

So does that mean the same image will show up on any forum where I used this email address?

I'm not crazy about that: some forums have specific content and purpose and I use avatars I designed for that purpose.

If you use the same address on all of them, yes. However, you may register several email address with Gravatar, and associate different images to them.