Backlog status (Aug 26, 2015)

Hi all,

I took a bit of a vacation last week (generally, not just from WFG). I'll try to get about 20 submissions processed in the next week. Oldest item in the queue is currently 5 weeks. I'll do several of them tonight.


Just wanted to say that your dedication to this site and community is honestly astounding.

You rock.

Chris does indeed rock.

How was the vacation, Chris? Was it a genuine 'unwinding time' vacation, or a 'spending time with family, now I'm more tired and stressed than I was before the vacation' vacation?

Thanks for all your hard work, Chris! Hope you had a good, restful break. :)

> or a 'spending time with family, now I'm more tired and stressed than I was before the vacation' vacation

Wildbow knows what's up. x_x

we indeed salute your dedication. Hoping your vacation was a good time.

You the man Chris.

See, this is why you don't thank people for stuff before they've done it. ;)

Starting on it now.

Okay, posted 5 new stories. Front of the submission queue is now July 23. I've also processed all the change requests for existing listings. I'll aim to post another 3-5 new submissions each day this week until we're back under a 3 week lead time.

6 more processed (3 posted, 3 rejected). Front of the queue is now July 28.

Out of sheer curiosity, Chris, what were the factors that led to the three stories being rejected?

Two for being fan fiction, one for having only one post (over a month ago).

For your own ease of mind, what about a functionality to flag a change-request for an existing story? Just asking because I know I am one one of those who added to your queue with status change -requests.

I'd guess most change requests would be to flag something on-going to abandoned (I don't plan to finish it) or to finished (I've just mentally or physically written 'The End'). The second type I guess is a change to the update-schedule and distant thirds and lower would probably be change of publishing sites, genre changes and title-changes.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

Thanks for putting Surf City up there - really excited to be part of this. New here - but already want to thank you for your work, Chris.