Backlog status (Feb 22, 2016)

Holding at about one month. I'll try to get it back under three weeks, but we'll see. The volume of submissions per day is high, so that might prove difficult.

Thanks Chris, now I have some new things to sink my teeth into.

The volume of submissions could, in part, be my fault. I mention WFG pretty much every time the 'where can I post my stories...?' question comes up on Reddit... which is often.

Is there any way to share the load? I don't know if I have it in me to do proper reviews these days (past few months have been packed), but could definitely look stuff over for the most basic errors or whichever. (ie. is it fanfic? Are there next/previous page links? Is it readable on the most basic level?)

@Wildbow: Might take you up on that.

Thank you so much for getting through your backlog! I'm so glad to see my site here. I was wondering where that spike in my traffic came from!

I'd be willing to help too.

I wouldn't mind helping either. I sit at a desk all day so it'd be pretty easy for me to check that kind of stuff.

I've got time that could be put to productive use. Add me to the list of people willing to help.

I'll put together an instruction sheet for the existing process this weekend and get you guys set up. It's not particularly automated, but it's manageable. And thanks!


I'd be willing to help too! I love this place, and it would be great if we, as a community, could help get the submission times down!