Backlog status (Oct 14, 2015)

Lost a couple of weeks to work deadlines. Posted a bunch tonight. The queue now stands at just about a month.

Good job, Chris.

I'm busy myself, but I'll take a look through and see about maybe getting a few reviews out. After your work to get them up there, we should collectively make sure they don't languish & get forgotten.

I'm making it a task to do one read and review per weekend, because it seems like a good way to make me think about my own stuff. Kinda nervous about when my own is finally approved. I'd love to see some reviews, but am also terrified of the same.

Have you given any thought to an auto-update sidepanel? You could list a specific date you're up to. You also might want to get a volunteer to help you sort through applicants for the ones that are viable.