This may be a stupid question and I may be totally blind and idiotic to have not figured it out yet, but I was wondering how people are able to add banner ads and/or descriptions to their listings on the Top Web Fiction side of things? They all look quite nice and then there's my poor Caelum Lex all text-y and boring haha. Anybody know?

It's mentioned somewhere in ye olden days of the forum, that you need to email one of the administrators/support people. That's what I did, anyways. Chris might be able to shed light on the subject.

Ooh yes I'd like to know this too. And how to get an avatar for my listing. :B

The avatar thing, I believe, is through gravatar/wordpress. Create an account with 'em and upload the image?

I remember I had to email it to Chris . cpoirier [at] webfictionguide (dot) com.

IIRC Banners only queue up though if your story hits the top ten (in one of the categories) ... I believe I've seen them disappear and reappear for StarWalker when it was inactive (and since reappeared).

Yeah, just email me the banner for your TWF listing and I'll put it up.


Ah perfect! Thanks so much for the quick response everyone :D