Bastion's Bubble is Burst

Just a note thanking Fiona for breaking the seal and posting a rating on Bastion.

I'm glad it merits what it got and hope I can keep the interest up.

Review to follow, but I wanted to wait until it got a little further along. I do like your multimedia approach.

Speaking for myself, I found the multimedia approach to be the biggest barrier to entry.

I kept running into entries that I wasn't able to peruse at the time (due to being in a public setting). Even going back, I find it takes me out of the story more than it draws me in.

That aside, I thought the characterization was good, and you do a very good job of starting off at just the right point for a disaster/postapocalyptic story. Tension and unanswered questions maintained my interest, even if the overall premise didn't grab me (which is more personal taste than anything particular).

Yeah... I've gotten that feedback, Wildbow, from others. It's a tough spot to be in because I want the multimedia to be part of the hook that separates it from other WebFic (plus it's fun to produce). On the other hand I don't want people to feel cut out.

I've thought about including transcripts but I worry that will take away from the videos and the story they provide on their own.

Someday, multimedia literature is going to be the standard. It's cool to get in on the ground floor like that, even if our brains aren't ready for it.

I don't know if what I'm doing is going towards that standard or not. I like to think it is but then again I could just be Telsa to someone else's Edison. And we all saw how ~that~ drama played out....

I did, based on the feedback, start posting the Transcripts for the videos with them. It's a separate link and it's not right in your face, but it's also not too hard to find if that's what you want and you'd prefer to skip the characterization that the actors provide.

The next challenge I have is figuring out how to package it all for PDFs/ E-readers if I have to self pub when I finish the first book and am ready to "go to press" with it.

Hopefully no elephants are electricuted this time... Stupid Edison.

Hey, just a small bump and a request to those who have liked Bastion in the past. How'd I do on this week's update? I can't tell if I really nailed a nice snippet of character development or if I left the update flat.

I liked it. It was short, but a creative way to show what happened.

It's actually not as bad as I thought - I had thought the older sister was on the same plane and had voluntarily sacrificed herself.

Or did you mean the post before that one, with Marie?

No the iPhone conversation is what I was thinking about. The "off weeks" are meant to be short things that I don't have to work too hard at, which totally isn't the case because of the work involved in producing the videos seems to overtake everything else. I might do more of those messages and things like that because they're short and easy and give me more time to work on the main story.

Overall I'm not completely at ease about Marie's chapter (though feedback is welcome) because I know not much got done with it. A little back story, a little insight into Marie's attitudes (and Lefty's) plus a set up for the iPhone. I almost feel like the two go together as a single piece of prose since now you know what "Jo"/Felice wanted to talk about.