Belated and non-belated review thank yous!

Huge thank-yous to both Allexander Hollins and to E_Foster for their lovely reviews of Twisted Cogs! I'm a mite scatterbrained about this sort of thing, "thank yous" and the like, but I really do appreciate the time you both took to leave your thoughts on WFG, and I also appreciate you both leaving comments on the site itself! You guys are the best!

hey, keep giving us great story and really really hot smut, and we'll keep commenting. (also, see my thread I just added about writing someone elses story, might give you a giggle) (also, it IS really really REALLY hot smut. Someone needs to get your stuff to the hack that writes 50 shades and let him know, THIS is how you write porn)

It did indeed give me a giggle :) and thank you so much for your kind words.

Man, E.L. James did NOT appreciate that, she slammed her shiny solid gold door in my face while muttering something about "filthy poor peasants without even a million to their name"

I put in a review for this myself today. It's a great piece of work so far! Looking forward to reading as it progresses.

GAHH! and it just gets juicer and hotter. I'm kind of sad knowing that if Ele- is going to become full garzoni, that means one of the others is out though.