Best site for printing books?

Although I don't really plan on selling any copies, I would like to have a few copies of Fooled printed just so I could pass them out to family in a nicer form than a printed manuscript with a bulldog clip. ;) I was wondering which service I should use to print the books. I plan on doing my own cover and layout since they're not going to be for sale. I'm looking at Blurb and Lulu right now but if there are any other good services feel free to throw them out there. :)

I like Createspace. :) Cheap author copies, and the quality is quite nice.

Seconding createspace.

I hear good things about Createspace. If you win NaNoWriMo, you get 2 free copies printed by Createspace - all you pay is postage.

Last year's codes are good until 30 June 2015. If you'll have your manuscript and cover ready to go before then, I recommend asking around for a code that no-one is using. Most of my NaNo peeps are pretty generous with that sort of thing.

Createspace is my go-to for the pring versions of my books, and the quality has always been really consistent. I've also gotten good work from Ingram, but there's so much set-up on that I wouldn't recommend it unless you plan on printing a shitload of copies.

I think for a small amount of printing Createspace is the best. It's print on demand so they only print out when someone orders the book/you want a copy of your book. They're what I'm going to go with if I ever decide to publish something in print.


But seriously, with that many endorsements, I might have to check it out myself.

Lol, I think it is unanimous!

The only thing...I feel kind of like a dunce, but I seem to have a hard time formatting my story to upload? Any tips?

I don't know if this really helps in your issue, but this is a step-by-step guide to formatting the story.

I hope that helps you.

Ah, but, CreateSpace: in terms of the product, I haven't had a shipment yet where I haven't had to claim at least a couple of the books for bad trims (noticeably diagonal cuts). They're good about fulfilling claims, though, so there's that.

But you are feeding the Amazon beast, and you don't get listings in any book distribution catalogs, even if you have your own ISBN, and a lot of bookstores and libraries and distributors side-eye CreateSpace books something fierce. I'm looking to shift over to Ingram Spark with the next collection, or might end up using both.