Best way to release a ton of material?

I'm working on a wordpress site as the new hub for my serial which is going to be the main site. My work is broken up into novellas which range in size from 15k to 30k. Currently I have about 170k words worth of material and am about 60% through the initial season.

My question is, what's the best way to release this? As complete novellas, or broken up? I've tried both methods on various different sites and haven't gotten conclusive results. While there are natural scene breaks, my stories are meant to be read as complete novellas according to pacing etc, but I'm wondering if readers will sit down to tackle 20k+ words. But without super cliffhangers at the end of every segment I'm worried if continuity will be lost.

So this is especially to the guys who have been doing this for a while. What has your experience been and which works best? Posting complete stories arcs or segments?

Thanks in advance!

How are you releasing the stories? Webseries? Ebook? The question matters.

I don't close most of my chapters on cliffhangers, though I did kinda set up books 1 and 2 to close with open threads to start their sequels right out of the gate. And I'm doing well enough to stay consistently in the Top 15 without such a tactic. Although Murphy's been playing hell on me of late, so I've slipped some due to only updating twice a week instead of three or more.

I'd split the novellas, and each time I started a new novella, I'd release it on Amazon and let people know they cancome back a few times a week for a few weeks and get the novella for free or they can it on Amazon and read it all now.

I don't think there's really a best size.

The Zombie Knight updates 5 days a week at about 500 words an update. By contrast, many of Wildbow's serials update 2 to 3 times a week at 4000-10000 words per update. Similarly, Drew Hayes' Superpowereds updates 2-3 times a week at 1200-1500 words.

All of them are doing well.

The question you might ask yourself is what works best for your story. If you feel like the most natural breaks are longer ones (say 10,000 words or more), I'd update once a week for a while. That way you have something new to promote to an audience over a period of time.

You could just drop them all at once, but I'd think that that would just promote reading it and forgetting about it because there's no reason to come back to the site. By contrast, letting things appear every couple days or every week creates a habit of going back to your site on a particular day.

During the period where new posts are appearing, you might then have time to write more material.

Thanks guys, all great advice.

@TanaNariIdeally I'd like to release them on the web to gain some kind of following and eventually publish as ebooks. As the ebooks will cost some $$$ for editing and such I was kinda using the web release to test the waters I guess?

Fair cop.

Personally, I'd recommend chapters of 2-3k spaced a couple days apart. It's a strong formula that, as long as the story's solid, will be easily read and absorbed by readers while leaving room for discussion and anticipation between chapters. And, at the same time, gives readers a chance to speculate and get into the story.

Also gives you a great opportunity to reread your own work for edit and cleaning. Cannot begin to express how important that is for a writer who's working without the magic of an unaffiliated professional editor to help.

If the whole point is to gain exposure and build up a following, I would release it by chapter. Most sites have a Recent Updates or 'sort by last update' listing.

I release 1-2 times a week at about 4k words per chapter. That said, I care less about reader acquisition than retention and trying to finish books to publish.

My website is a means to an end.