Best ways to advertise?

My biggest problem I think has always been advertising to get new readers. I've tried posting about my stories and website on Twitter, but nobody notices. I thought using ProjectWonderful to bid for ad space on people's websites might work, but all the most trafficked sites are using google ads these days. The only thing I've been able to do with any consistency is plug my website as my signature in some of the forums I join. Any suggestions?

Didn't you already ask this question 4 months ago?

The general consensus (as far as I remember) was that you can't really advertise web serials, you can only hope for word of mouth. Readers ignore self promotion because everyone does it and it's no indicator of a story's quality. You can advertise ebooks, but that's a different matter entirely and costs quite a bit of money before you can even start advertising - cover, editing etc.

What you can do is focus on writing more and better stories, and growing as a writer until something takes off and that sweet word of mouth magic happens. You can also try different web fiction platforms.

I have posted to Twitter. I have posted to Facebook. I have posted to Wattpad. I have posted to RoyalRoadL. I have had generally positive reviews on RRL, as well as here on WFG. I have written over 3 guest posts for other creators (both in their worlds, and mine), who linked back. I have participated in the April Fools Swap 3 years running. I was one of the sites Rev Fitz looked at in his marathon 30 days, and have had k-fish plug me from their yuri serial (as I have some bi/lesbian characters). I have done a couple author interviews. I submit to Tuesday Serial. I have been in twitter chats, I've tried to keep up with comments on a few other serials out there, I have posted regular content without fail to my site for over 3 years, and I have over 250 posts on my site including some serials that have now concluded.

December 31st was a zero view day for me. My vote-for-plot serial, having managed 7 voters for a few weeks running, has the most recent vote at only 3 people after over a week. None of my RRL polls got any votes towards the end.

Just gotta keep plugging away at it. (Feel free to use any of those things I've done as suggestions, you might have better luck.)

Without doing any of the things mentioned above, I have somehow managed to acquire a sizeable following of readers who regularly comment and engage in my polls. Okay, now that I think about it, I did one April Fool's swap and was reviewed, but I didn't notice any effect on my readership. Luck is a cruel and capricious mistress. Keep on writing.

I don't think there's any new magic bullet advice that's come up since the last time this was asked. Online fiction is difficult to market. You are the ten millionth needle in the giant haystack that is the internet, and the hay is made of needles. A uncomfortably large part of success in online creative pursuits really is just happening to be caught by the right people, at the right time, in the right place, to break through the obscurity barrier and suddenly become trending. It can take a long time.

Pretty much everything Mathtans has done and my advice on finding your target audience in online communities is pretty much all you can do, and just hope something clicks eventually.