Beta Wanted - Cold Ghost

Since a couple of reviews that I've recieved recently have recommended that I need tighter editing, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to Beta Read for me, or knew of a forum where I could find a reliable beta reader? Obviously, I want to improve Cold Ghost and my writing in general, but I'm a little bit lost as to where to get started.


Did you find someone? A recently retired friend who is looking for an interest is reading through some MSS of mine. If she finds she enjoys proofing, I can give her your details.


At the moment, I seem to have a swap system set up with a friend from university, where I check her essays and she checks my chapters. XD

I should probably point out that I'm not in a position right now to 'hire' a beta reader, as such. I only say this because it sounds like your friend is looking for professional work to excerise herself, and that isn't the kind of thing that I would be able to provide at this point.

That's fine.

She is finding it slower going than she thought, keeping up the level of concentration, but no, not professional, just a retired chemist who loves reading and English.

Keep it in mind for the future.

Best wishes


Hi Letitia - if your friend is still interested in editing/betaing, please pass along my url and web address.

[email protected]

I'd be willing to beta-read as well--I enjoyed the bits that I read, and (I've been told) I'm fairly good when it comes to trimming work down. My only reservation is to note that I tend to be very outspoken and loud about my edits, and some people might find that offputting. If you're interested, I can be contacted at [email protected]