Big thanks to 1storyteller!

Thanks for reviewing Rasa! It made my day (I more or less belched a folder of hyperactive reaction gifs onto Tumblr when I first saw it), and I'm glad that you liked it! To be honest, I've been nervous about Rasa's reception since I started, since it's so raw and I'm hardly a master writer anyhow, but your review fills me with warm, fuzzy feelings and lets me know I'm at least heading in the right direction.

I have to admit the design of the site bugs me, too, although I'd have to pay Wordpress to customize my CSS and the Twenty Eleven theme has the most functionality of the free ones I've tried so far. (It has two options, light or dark, and personally I feel that dark fits Rasa better. :P) As for hybrid animals, I'm afraid all I can say is PLOT and do my best to shut up after that, although I do see your point and I'll do my best to focus on that realism as I keep writing.

Again, thank you so much! I appreciate it more than you can imagine. Cheers!

You are quite welcome. It only seemed fair, after you took the time to review my story. (Thank you for that... It was a very kind review, and great to see that someone understood what I am trying to do.) Did I imagine that the font colour has changed from white to gray on your site? It seems easier to read. Keep writing! People want to know what will happen next :)