Big thanks to Syphax!

(I apologize that it took me so long to make it over here and say so, but RL has been kicking my butt these days.) Syphax, I thank you so much for the detailed review you gave for Super. I really appreciate the time you took, and the fact that you pointed out some of the things that readers might find...different about it. I know that what I write isn't for everyone, so I'm very happy that you gave potential readers a tour of some of the landmarks, so they can get an idea if they'd like the terrain enough to take the trip. I'm also happy that even though it wasn't what you expected that you've found something that makes you want to keep coming back. : )

As far as what to expect for the future, I've found that this is story where threads might fall out of the narrative for a while, but eventually come back to the fore. Even characters that seem like they will probably never be seen again sometimes return. At any rate, my favorite section of your review was when you talk about the characters, because they are the ones running this story, so I'm happy I was able to make them real for you.

Also, thank you for linking my story on your page, and I've returned the favor on my Intro page, as well. For anyone else out there who's featured my link that I don't know about, please let me know and I'll be glad to reciprocate. At any rate, Syphax, thanks again for the great review!

No problem at all. Hope it helps readers find your thing, it's been kind of in the background for a while now.