Bill Nye on Dancing With the Stars

That's probably the only thing that could ever convince me to watch it. Awkward old fellow's not the best dancer or particularly light on his feet and he's got a bit of a height difference, but it's great to hear the crowd on his side. for the cha cha (link is a little on the quiet side to me) for the paso doble

Come on, Bill. Win one...for science!

"People don't regret what they do. They regret what they don't do." - Billy Nye, the Science Guy

You may have noticed on that second video up there, Bill Nye tripped at the end and wound up tearing a quad, which definitely didn't help for week 3. He worked around it, though.

Not helpful for him to be dancing with one good leg. That's all for Bill Nye as far as dancing, though. Ok, so I knew he wouldn't win, but at least he made it worth watching for a little while.

Wow, I didn't expect to like this as much as I did. Loved the dance they came up with when Nye's leg was messed up.

Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bi-oh, wait, he lost. Aw, man.

Can't say that I've ever been a dedicated fan of the show, but man oh man, seeing Nye dance was a real treat. It's enough to give me hope for the future -- if a science guy can harness the awesome power of dance and unleash such furious moves, then surely I can do the same one day if called upon. One day...someday...

In any case, thanks for sharing. Really made my night.