Blog of Note

Some of you have already heard about this on twitter but just in case anyone missed it - Refuge of Delayed Souls - has just been announced as a Google Blog of Note!

Does anyone know if this is a first for a web fiction site?

I'm absolutely over the moon about it & can't stop grinning :)

Everyone in WFG has played a part in this - Thank you!


I'm not ABSOLUTELY sure... but i do believe that is a first! BIG TIME congrats - that is huge - for you, and this sometimes lonely medium that we're all toiling away in!!

Just curious... was there anything you or your readers did to draw the attention of the "Google Gods" (besides just keepin' on keepin' on, and doin' what you do), or did the mighty hand just reach out of the sky and give you the stamp of approval?

Really happy for you!

Thank you Joel! Your comment here and on my site are very much appreciated :)

"did the mighty hand just reach out of the sky"

That must be it - as far as I am aware anyway.

I did notice that someone with a google isp was reading the story from my stats a few weeks ago, then a couple more google visitors appeared. Last night I went to check my stats - I only have a free sitemeter - there were 100 visitors online (it only records 100 at a time) and there had been over 1,000 visitors in the last hour or so! I thought it was a sitemeter error! It wasn't until I checked where the visitors where coming from that discovered what had happened.

Fingers crossed I gain a couple of new readers LOL

Here's hoping that a few more readers is the LEAST of it (though there's nothing like seeing that spike on a sitemeter)... lots of "bloggers of note" have turned the distintion into something more!

It's funny... with all the facebook status updates and twitter, sometimes it feels like people are thinking that blogs are an antiquated form (jeez, how fast everything moves these days). I think its to blogger / blogspot's advantage to showcase how some folks are hacking the medium for creative purposes.

Plus, it shows that their platform can be used for web fiction (since it seems like a lot of writers are loyal to wordpress)

"Plus, it shows that their platform can be used for web fiction (since it seems like a lot of writers are loyal to wordpress)"

I LOVE Blogger :)

Someone picked up on the way I was using it for web fiction here:

That's amazing! Congratulations!

Thank you Lizzy :)


I hope it gets you a bunch of new readers!

Thanks Tahjir!

So far only a teeny weeny sprinkling are taking the time to read - which considering the numbers involved, is am awesome sprinkle ;D

Congratulations Miladysa! I've always had respect for the Blogs of Note team - they make wonderful wonderful selections! =)

Thank you Eli (hugs)