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Hiya folks, as a long time lurker and writer ( and occassional poster I thought I would pop around here and offer you all a bit of an opportunity.

I am in the process of setting up a web business and the first part I have sorted out is web hosting. one area I know i want to concentrate on is supporting hosting for bloggers and I want your feedback.

I have put together a blog hosting package which contains:

  • Free or .com domain name

  • POP3 Email Account

  • Webmail access

  • Email forwarding addresses

  • MySql database

  • 100 MB of webspace

  • 1 GB transfer per month

  • Automatically submit your site to major search engines

  • Web statisitcs

  • One click install of Wordpress, Geeklog or Necleus through your control panel. Or you can install whichever other blog you prefer...

  • FTP Access

Now what I want to know for starters is that IF you were to take the plunge would this be something you would go for - what do you think? more of this? less of that? not enough of the other?



as the discount code and promise you'll tell me what you'd like to see me to better.

come on folks, blog hosting in general is crap and I want to make it good and I think you can help.



With respect, Adam, that seems rather expensive for what it is. I get my multi-terabyte hosting plan and domain name for the same price ($119.40 a year, no set-up fees) without any discounts.

I don't know what your costs are in this venture, mind you.



I think you should demand payment in uncut African diamonds.

I'm just saying. :)

I balk at your 100MB of space, when WordPress gives me 1 gig (I think) for free. Also, as a tech nerd, I'd want IMAP over POP.

I do like the website insertion to Google (and others). One click of WordPress et al is also nice. Your biggest problem is going to be competing with the hodge-podge of free but scattered resources we're already using.

Thanks guys - this is exactly the sort of info I wanted and initial costs are part of the problem. A potential solution would be to offer 2 option, one at a higher price where you pay monthly and one at a lower price where you pay yearly. What do you think of that and which would you prefer if you did go for this?

So far we have:

-need more space

-need IMAP

-needs to be cheaper to compete

-need payment methods to include precious stones

brilliant - what else do you currently get that you would expect to see?

thanks again everyone

Personally, I don't buy hosting if I don't get shell access. Way too much of a hassle doing anything real without it.


I especially agree that the price should be cheaper, and if it were, I would gladly support a smaller venture rather than an established brand. But to give a perspective, GoDaddy offered the following in their deluxe package;

150 GB Space/1.5k Transfer

500 Email Accounts

25 MySQL Databases

All for a total of $79.63 per month. To be fair, this may have been a special.

I get Free hosting with Blogger.

@chris - yeah i know what you mean but not sure if this will be possible at present. that is why i'm scouting opinions :)

@busterwolf - glad to hear that you would consider it and thanks for the info. Did you mean $79.63 a month? or was that per year because $80 a month is waaaay expensive :D

@miladysa - i realise it seems odd to compete with free hosting but I was hopeing to pitch this at individuals who wanted their own domain outside of blogger. thanks for the info tho

we have the gold and diamonds... but why would i need so many email addresses?

kinda a moot point coming from me maybe, considering i don't need a lot of space, acronymed programmy things or anything much outside of blogger. i also don't need the exchange rate :(

*fetches shovel to open a mine*