Blogging about webfic, serial fic, online novels, whatever you call it

Experiment perhaps, but mostly a lot of talking aloud/synthesizing and reacting to a lot of the blogs that touch on publication and the massive world of "online fiction."

In any case, posting the link here although we're only 3 posts in with no set update schedule as of yet, so this might be more for your RSS reader than a bookmark:

In looking around at the "online novel" google results pile, I noticed there are quite a few directories of novels, but these were often run by a volunteer and aren't quite as organized as WFG and Muses Success. Are there other directories like this one that you think are worthwhile posting links to?

The EpiGuide, at, is a discussion forum and directory for web series and episodic fiction. Its most active community is based mostly around serialized fiction with no fixed end (like, say, an online "soap opera"), but there are many types of serials listed and much discussion about all types of series and the process of writing and/or series creation (such as video series and podcast fiction).

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Very interesting! I particularly thought the comments about manga and light novels were thought provoking, and of course the issue around what we want to call what we to ("webfiction") and the terms that potential readers are using. So basically, everything you've written so far. :)

cool - hopefully it remains interesting and thought-provoking :)

I have another post scheduled for tomorrow and will probably line up another shorter one this week. I haven't decided whether to talk about why I hate advertising or how to cope with writing while working a full-time job ... guess we'll see what happens next time I sit down in front of that blogspot screen :)

Oh - please blog about writing and having a full time job. At the moment my solution is "write on weekends - have no life," LOL.

Simply flagging that after about a week and half off, I've been spamming again via the blog :) .

Are any of you out there comfortable with blogging about finding cover artists/packaging serials for compilation? That is something I myself would really like to hear about and would gladly welcome guest blogs from anyone in the community.

I can talk about re-packaging serials, I guess? I've done it five times? Not counting the serials that were written as novels before I serialized them. But I'd need specific questions, though, to get a sense for... well, what kind of questions people would have.

I guess I could talk about what I did for Curveball, since I intentionally set it up to be a publish-as-I-go series.

More or less, I'd like a blog post(s) to walk through the writer's decision making process on how to get a cover together and what they learned from that experience.

I don't think there's a right pathway so I would like to hear about them all, even the ones that an author ultimately rejected.

For me, I just started by asking my readers. I have a very odd sell in terms of genre and they firmly rejected at least one style x). (That said, I don't have a cover yet. I have to find time to either commission a really good artist or do it myself Dx.)

If it helps to have a few points in mind while writing a post, here's a bunch of questions/prompts to get you started. And I'm open to multiple guest posts :). As I said, I don't think there's a right way to this at all!

1) Describe your process for deciding on a cover, e.g., (I knew my genre so looked at othe rsamples)

2) Describe your concerns or worries about picking that right cover

3) If you reissued your work with different covers, why?

4) What things came up along the way that you wished you had thought of in advance? (e.g., typography, logos, getting rights to high resolution images)

5) How did you find your cover artist? Did you use any specific freelance directories or art sites to find your artist?

6) If you did your cover yourself, why? Would you do it again?

7) What are the five things you wish you could do over?

Updated with two posts this week after taking time off for vacation. I'm going to start thinking through my project wonderful advertising blogpost. Anyone have anything specific they want to be discussed?

Eh. Not wanting to start a new thread (as I think people do read old ones)... Just alerting folks that I got irritated with blogspot's interface and moved everything to wordpress.

So the blogspot should now redirect you to (via

Aside from interviewing Najela Cobb about her kickstarter, I put up a news post yesterday.

I've started Book Two in the Warbird serial... The first book was Kyrus Talain and is finished. Book Two is 'From a Warbird's Saddle' and is about half done I think, given my current story arc.

I've also been inspired to write another chunk of Eclipse Court (Book 8 actually) That I'm calling 'An Empire's Bearing', about a crisis in the second year of Minis's reign.

Not sure this is the place to update this but I thought I'd put it up *somewhere*.