Blogs about web serials?

Hello. I've lurked these forums for the past month or so. Nice to meet everyone.

Are there any blogs or sites where I can find information about web serials, or does Web Fiction Guide perform in that capacity? I'm wondering if there's any specific place about web serials specifically that does a combination of reviews, web serial tips, etc.

Thanks in advance.

There was one (, but the guy who ran it went off to do other things.

I know Tuesday Serial has some guest bloggers that give tips and tricks to web serial writing.

SGL (author of Tales of the Big Bad Wolf) has one

t4nky has been doing a nice series of interviews and other stuff

Thanks for the quick responses. I will peruse these blogs.

Oh man, I completely forgot about SGLs blog. I'm kicking myself now.

I talk about serial writing on my writing blog:

There's a lot of other stuff there, too, but search for 'serial' and you should get the main ones. :)

I was debating mentioning my site, except it's a cross between writing, teaching and randomness. But since Kess put hers out there, and my most recent post recaps my 27 writing related posts over 3 years, maybe you'll spot something in there to follow-up on:

Also, as Emma said, Tuesday Serial has some : (see the sidebar "Most Popular Posts" for a starting point)

Oh good. Blogs to help me keep in touch with stuff.

*takes copious notes*