Book cover

Now that Surf City is done, I'm releasing it in paperback. If you go to my blog, you can weigh in on the covers. Not sure if I am supposed to put a link in a post (all spammy and such) - so I won't.

Maybe put a link that leads only to the covers (on tinypic or wherever you want to host them)? Then we can add our 2 cents here. :)

Oh, I don't mind posting the link to my blog - still feel new to this forum, so I wasn't sure if that was frowned upon.

The latest posts are all about the covers.

I like the latest (red) one - I really think you made the right choices in the evolution of the cover styles. The orange/red colour and block letters suggest a more ominous feeling than the blue did - which makes me feel more intrigued to read it.

I like the second blue cover from the top best. It's very purdy! Only a tiny bit of criticism - the genre isn't clear from looking at the cover. It could a story about surfing or a tale about disastrous tsunamis?

For book covers, it's critically important that your target audience knows right away - after one look at the cover - that the story belongs to a genre they enjoy reading. Many potential buyers don't even read the blurb if the cover doesn't immediately attract them.

Thanks Fiona and Chrysalis - yeah, after hearing from a lot of different readers, I am going with the red one. Book covers are tough - even though my day job is as a graphic designer. I'm not expecting huge sales on this, doing it more for the fun of it.

As much as I liked the blue, and the hand-written type (very trendy right now), the red cover the block letters better fit the mood of the novel. I know there is the potential to think of this as a surf book (metaphorically it is), but again, being that I don't care much about sales, I figured what the hell - go with the one I want.

thanks for checking it out.