Broken links?

Hm. Was trying to navigate the completed novels category (subcategory fantasy) and noted a few dead links that go to pages that are gone/broken.

Should these be reported? What happens to the listings? (is there a "graveyard" /"inactive" archive)?

There is. What happens is its status is changed to "no longer online". The listing still exists but will no longer show up in general searches.

I actually updated a bunch recently but there's likely dozens more.

If you send me a list of the ones you found I will make it so with my magic editor powers.

fmgregory at myway dot com

I haven't found a private message feature or anything of the sort or I'd use that. Here's one of the above mentioned dead links


Also leads to something about haircuts. If there's a story I couldn't find it.

Yup, definitely no story there anymore. Fixed, thanks.

Sorry for the size of this but I got bored today. Please let me know if I'm being a nag.

Seems to have moved to another format (ebook?)

Link won't open for me but might be a compatibility issue:

Seems to be just plain broken:

Awesome. Thanks Unillustrated. Nice to see the older depths of WFG getting some love.

All fixed. "Here After" and Letitia Coynes' three novels "Hispania", "Caledonia", and "Britannia" are now free ebooks. We don't usually list ebooks, but since the listing was already there I've pointed the link to the ebooks so folks can find them if interested. "Flag on my backpack" is now a series of pdfs that can be found at the updated link. The rest are goners.

I like to look at the oldest stuff first. I do the same thing with reviews too.

Couple of maybes: Requires an invitation Requires an invitation? Might be compatibility

These seem to go nowhere:

Fixed. "In the Regeneration" and "Actionlad's Journal" worked for me.

These are a bit more recent so might not be genuinely broken. Nevertheless, they did nothing when I clicked them so here ya go.

Harbour City and The Ddro had moved to different sites. I updated the links, but neither have had new chapters in over a year.

I couldn't find Pipeline so I guess it's gone.

Around half of these I think are still active, they just need their link adjusted:

On a completely unrelated note that you can totally feel free to ignore without comment:

Any idea where my submission lies on the acceptance list? I can't remember how long its been since I submitted it which makes it difficult to guess how long before it should be up.

Fixed, thanks. Sorry, I don't know about the acceptance queue.

Unillustrated, it took mine about two weeks to go through the pipeline. I'm sure it depends entirely on how much Chris has on his plate at a given time.

I think you've been doing exactly the right thing in the meanwhile, getting into the forum community and posting reviews. I did the same while waiting, though I haven't been as prolific as you!

Yay, looks like your story is up, Unillustrated.

I saw that this morning. I laughed and felt a deep sense of shame because I realized it was probably already approved by the time I was bugging you. Ah well. Also, I've seen a huge bump in reader levels already. Thanks WFG!

These are getting harder to find. Which is, y'know, a good thing.


Site contains stories, but not the one listed:

Not sure if its broken, but doesn't seem to be a story:

Thanks! they all seem to be gone, except Spireclaw has moved.

The latest round: