Bubba shot the Jukepop, last night. (well, in a couple of weeks)

If you all hadn't heard, Jukepop is shuttering and deleting EVERYTHING on nov 15. one more platform gone.

Wow killed two platforms within a years time. So Writeon, Arthotomy,Inkpop, and now Jukepop are in the writing community graveyard.

I was curious why I suddenly go emails from Jukepop in relations to a partnership they had formed. The thing is since earlier this summer, they've been advertising a new platform they partnered with called Serial Box. I've not checked it out considering Jukepop never really appealed to me even after they did their big revamp like two or three years ago. I guess it didn't help.

The problem with Jukepop for me was the very high number of defaulting authors. It was like if they didn't get into the top 30 they just gave up.