For those of us with buffers, how do you treat yours? Is it something you adhere to religiously? Do you have a minimum number of buffered updates that you'll maintain at all costs, or do you tend to let it slip till it's low and then write a bunch more?

I'm all for buffers, couldn't do without them, I've said it many times. But what's your take?



Well, I'm all buffered up for the next two weeks or so. I like to stay at least a week ahead of schedule, it leads to much less stress.

Ideally, however, I'd like to be buffered up till about Oct. 20, which will be when the Epilogue is posted. :P

Hopefully by then I'll also have a few weeks head start on my next project.

We like to have our buffer at about two weeks at all times, but it's down to just a week right now because we're ending one chapter and starting a new one, and that seems to require more planning and discussion than usual.

Generally speaking, I can't keep a buffer, no matter how much I try... Although, I did sign up for WeSeWriMo in an attempt to get a bit of a buffer written. I'm trying! My compulsion is to post stuff as soon as it's written though... But a buffer would help my update schedule become solid times, which is a 'good thing' (TM) for all sorts of reasons, so I really should.