Call for guest content: free promotion!

This is the post I just put up on my site, I thought I'd put it up here to let you guys know about what I'm doing. It's basically what MeiLin did during her hiatus, but for different reasons.

So, I have decided to put the story on a brief hiatus until this gets sorted out. Chapter ten will go up tomorrow, and then the hiatus will begin. Sorry about this, but I need to set this aside while I get my real life in order.

In exchange, I will link to your website, webnovel, random thing you want to support, or what have you. You give my guest stuff, I promote you; win-win.

Thanks for your understanding.

Any guest content submissions and/or stories about your own story-interrupting issues would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys!

Aw! I am sorry to hear that. I haven't had a chance myself to get over there and start reading (I am burning slowly through Mirrorheart at the moment) but I think that I have a short little thing that I'd pass over a little thing I have -- 500 words or so.

If thou choose to take it, it'll probably be something they can chew on.

...but this leaves me with one question: how do I contact ya with the prose? Got contact info somewhere? (Our forum seems to lack a PM system.)

Oh, oops! email me at [email protected]


Oh dear, Alex! There seems to be a high level of "crappenings" lately. All good thoughts for sorting things out. I'm so frantic right now I haven't been able to read past your first couple of chapters or I'd jump in. I may yet.

Thanks, Mei, I hope you do (the first few chapters were a tad rough, I have to go back and revise them now that I've gotten into the story, thought that will have to wait for a later date.)

Thanks to everyone supporting me through this bidness

Just sent you an e-mail Alex. I'd love to fill in.