Call for reviews before I end Once Giants

Yes, you heard right.

I'll be wrapping up Once Giants as a web serial within the next few months. My writing partner and I always had the goal of turning Once Giants into an ebooks series and we've decided to go the Kindle Unlimited route. This will mean all content elsewhere will have to be taken down when we eventually launch sometime in Q1 next year.

So ahead of this, I'm looking for reviews to gain feedback, especially now that we have a moderate amount of content released(especially if you join the mailing list to access the bonus stories). So if you have the time to check us out and leave a review, I'd be forever grateful ^_^ Link is here ->

We're in the process of editing everything and packaging it for marketing. It's quite the learning curve. Right now my partner is working on branding the typography for the covers, which is still coming together. If you're interested, you can have a peek of some of the line up here =>

Some of the covers are complete, others are just placeholders or mock ups, to see how the typography looks on them.

This is not goodbye, but I'd just like to say what an awesome group of folks you all are. I was totally new to web fiction when I came here a few months back and you guys have all helped me so much. So a heart felt thanks to you. (I won't mention names for fear of leaving anyone out! ^_^)

Thanks again guys. You all rock =D

Kirk of Team Contract

Well, I did make a promise that I'd do this eventually... something something it's on my to do this week.

Also, I'm going to have to make you return the favor with some advice at some point. Maybe make you send all your webfic readers to me since you won't be needing them any more. :p

To be honest, I'm not sure a review for a serial that's going to be taken down in the not too distant future benefits web serial readers. But if you want to ask for reviewers for the actual books (and reviews to be posted on Amazon), I've had some luck with that. Some potential reviewers might even prefer to read the ebook because convenience. :)

I'll try and do a review if I've got time, but mainly posting to say 'Good luck' with the ebook publishing! That's where the money is at, hope you get yours.

That sounds awesome, guys. Good luck with the big step forward. I've got some reading to catch up on but I've enjoyed what I've read of the series so far. I'll be sure to drop in a review once the ebooks go live ;)

@TanaNari You bet. I'll chronical my journey and share my experience with you guys. :)

@Chrysalis That's very true. Reviews on Amazon would be awesome.

@Walter I'm hoping so too! So many people doing it these days. And now it's just so easy.

@Scott Thanks man! You've been one of our biggest supporters ^_^ We'd definitely appreciate a review from you.

Alright, you got your review. I think it's fair, and even managed to avoid spoiling anything that wasn't in your blurb.

That'll be tree fiddy.

Hey thanks for that TanaNari ^_^ I think its a really nice review. Thanks very much :D Just as a reference for me, how far did you read into the series and did you read any of the bonus stories?

Thanks for the review Walter!