Call for Submissions: October 2013 EpiGuide Webfiction Community Podcast

Hi everyone! Time now to get cracking on a new EpiCast podcast. We'll be recording our podcast next week and we have some requests for info if you'd like to participate.

PREVIEWS: The deadline for getting your previews to us is Friday, October 18.

We'd like to hear how webserials will be finishing up 2013. Here's where writers can give us a heads-up about the storylines and events that we can look forward during the holidays and as the year ends.

For writers who'd like to submit previews, please submit about a paragraph (say 250 words or so), focusing on either a single storyline or a bunch of smaller teasers. Try to add a little context if possible, but that's not essential if there's no room.

Please bear in mind that we can be a bit irreverent, so please don't submit if some light-hearted cracks would bother you. Otherwise, send your previews along with your serial's title, URL, and your name.

NEWS / QUESTIONS / FEEDBACK - Deadline: Friday, October 18

For news, we're looking for any tidbits that might interest our listeners, whether it's about a single serial or some topic that affects the community. If possible / relevant, please include links to any stories or websites related to the news item.

Plus, if you have a general question or a response to something we said on our previous EpiCasts, we'd love to get your feedback.

COLLABORATIVE EFFORTS - Deadline: Friday, October 18

This time around we'll be discussing webserials that are the work of more than one person. Do you follow any serialized fiction that has more than one author? Do you notice a difference when multiple minds work together--indeed, can you spot when one writer is behind the wheel versus the other?

We'd also like to hear from writers who've worked in tandem with partners. Let us know how you went about it, both in finding the collaborator and in developing a workflow that suits your individual styles. Does each partner have different tasks when producing your installments? Is it an even split? If you've worked both alone and with a partner (or partners), what are the pros and cons? Any tips or cautionary tales to share?

Remember to include any URLs and serial names, whether you're a fan or author. And we'd love to hear from all team members for each serial, if possible, so do please canvas your partners so we can include them too. (Be sure to include everyone's name, as well.)

As always, time is limited -- we'd like to use more time discussing topics -- so it'll be first-come, first-served as far as previews and news items go, with preference given to serials we haven't featured yet, or not that often. That doesn't mean you shouldn't submit, though; if we don't get many new submissions we'll certainly be happy to include those who are enthusiastic to participate again.

Send everything to [email protected]

Finally, as always, whatever you send us, please be sure to let us know if it's okay to use your name on the air, or perhaps screenname / initials if you'd rather. If you have any questions, let us know. Thanks!

PLEASE SPREAD THE NEWS THAT WE'RE LOOKING FOR SUBMISSIONS! The shortlink for this announcement over at the EpiGuide is

Craig just posted a guest blog on a new donation model at Jukepopserials. It's definitely newsworthy given Wattpad's flailing at the moment on their crowdfunding pilot: