Can I host on another site too?

I haven't submitted to webfictionguide yet since I don't have enough chapters. I wanna know if I can post on spacebattles forum and still get accepted here.

I didn't use spacebattles (I utterly despise the politics in that place), but I did something similar with other sites.

I did, however, create a wordpress account before submitting here. I don't know the policies on not having "your own" blog/site. But just having the story in other places isn't a problem.

I mean, it's not like WFG actually owns anything we do- its purpose is to distribute information. Kinda like the ads in a newspaper.

You can only get WebFictionGuide to link to one location, but that doesn't mean you can't cross-post to other places. I post From Winter's Ashes on Wordpress, Wattpad, and RoyalRoadLegend.