Catalogue: Serial directories - Partner sites?

Hi folks.

Trying to springboard off another thread in the forum to ask you all to add your list of sites you know feature online fiction in some respect whether it be to list it, talk about it, cater to the same audience, etc.. Just trying to brainstorm potential link exchange partners for WFG.


Webfiction World (

EpiGuide (

In particular, I have no visibility on new media sites . (Those tend to focus on a hybrid of approaches including comics, webisodes, and multimedia.)

Also not hugely familiar with but it did occur to me that it looks like the "web serial novel" entry at could use updating (Hint: EpiGuide and WFG should add something to the main entry but don't know if they can?)

The Web Fiction entry is blank. I think that one needs to be merged or point back to Webserial novel perhaps?

TV tropes just (a few months ago) made some major move of splitting up 'WebOriginal' for a bunch of subcategories. In the process they moved Worm into Literature. Not sure how accurate that is, but I'm not majorly hands-on with Worm's TVtropes page (beyond getting it started). Since it was the people in charge making the call (not sure where that happened, it was a surprise to me), I'm leery of changing Worm's classification to WebSerialNovel.

As an aside, I must say that Tv Tropes was a surprisingly effective source of new readers. Provided you add the work to the appropriate tropes, people will think, "Oh, I like series with Gray and Gray Morality, let's try reading... this!" and they find their way. I get more clickthroughs from TV tropes than I do from Topwebfiction any day.

I wouldn't move your story to any of the "web" fiction variants because I don't think it's a well-understood or utilized category. However, thinking maybe LIterature could be edited to include /allude to webfiction as a sub-category? I'll take a look and see if I can do that.

ETA: Oh, it's already there. Awesome.