Categorise by ranking

I would like to suggest adding a further option under "Navigation options" in the listings: the ability to search the site by rank, i.e. 5 star, 4 star etc.

That way new readers coming to the site can find the cream of the crop with one click, and those high-rated stories that have dropped off the review page would be easy to find.

As a reader, I have to troll the listings, and there are far, far too many subsections to search effectively.

If you're going to have a rating system, why not use it?

The listings are roughly/sort-of sorted that way. There's a point system which combines rating with recommendations and status. In theory, the stuff near the front is better (and more current) than the stuff at the end.

We used to have a number of ways to order the listings, and none of them got used. The result was just a more complicated user interface.

Something you may want to do is find some other members whose opinions you find interesting, and go through their shelves. You'll find stuff there more clearly sorted by that member's preference.


If they are sorted by ranking, it's not obvious from looking immediately. And how is finding other members easier than looking through the listings?

Is it possible, then, to display the ranking with the listing?


I'll think about it. The ranking is different for each index, of course (the story ranked 1 in Sci Fi may be ranked 20 in general and ranked 13 in humor), so it could get complicated. Perhaps I can display the total points, though.

The problem is that the average member rating is 4 stars, almost invariably. Back when we allowed people to browse by it, it was pretty funny how there would be page after page after page of 4 star listings -- and in no particular order.

The reason I am suggesting you find some members whose reviews or tastes you like (ie. they keep showing up on the stories you like), is that then you have a known quantity -- a trusted guide -- to show you around our listings. Our listings are getting too big to go it alone.

Ah, sorry, I mixed up ranking and rating. I meant show the rating in the listings.

I'm getting used to the site now, and it's not so bad, but it threw me at first. You definitely have the best review system of the free fiction sites I've found. Pity more people don't rate and review.

For the completed novels there is always the other cleaner version of the WFG, where the stories are sorted by rating...

Actually, they have ongoing as well, listed under the completed novels.

Yep, and on hiatus at the bottom. :-) The organization is by average editorial rating, as I recall.

But no shorts and novellas, unfortunately, and doesn't give the little blurb like WFG does.

No, but the "info" link does go to the WFG listing.