Change-of-listing-status for Story

Recently, the Simulacrum of Dread became posted in its entirety. This led to two points of curiosity.

First, it is hoped that, should there be any lesser-degree problems with its accessibility or minor errors, a bit of eventual feedback will allow for remedying such issues. Is it considered a proprietary gaffe to list works here as having completed status when the publisher is still clinging to the temporizing right to "fix in post"?

Second, is the process of changing a serialized novella from ongoing to complete just a posting or other request made to the powers-that-be? Or is something else involved?

Apologies are offered for the substantial recent increase in lexical flailing-about in the process of acclimating to the WFG habitat.

You can request status changes by editing your story, which will put it in the queue for changes. I've gone ahead and set it to complete for you though, since I caught this message pretty quickly after it was posted. :)

Much obliged, friend.